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Sunday, 12 January 2014


Had a little sit on Miss Cadillac today.

Was I planning to? Noooo, I got her out of the field to bring her up to the yard for a feed while a pal rode Rodney. 

I lunged her for a minute or two and she had a little fizz about and then settled so I couldn't resist getting on. I didn't have her saddle so we just had a little walk and a trot with Rodney as our sensible guide horse.

She did really well and I can't quite describe how good it felt to feel that rolling walk and look down on her shiny dark bay shoulders and black mane. She is very comfy to ride bareback and I do like the view between those enormous alert ears!

No new pics but here's one from the summer that I love of my girl.

Happy horsing everyone x

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