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Saturday, 7 September 2013

A good horse will take you far

Mine took me for a lovely ride this morning, pottering around country roads. I felt a bit nervous since we hadn't hacked out alone for a while, but Rodney was as safe and sensible as always. We saw traffic, other horses, a petrol lawn mower and numerous bins, rocks and troughs that Cady would have had a dicky fit at. 

More and more I am appreciating what a super, honest horse Rodney is. He has really improved my confidence and given me so many nice rides over the past year. I am looking forward to our fun day at Cote Hill Riding School next week and have fingers crossed for fine weather. That said - 24 hours of rain has done a superb job of cleaning up his socks, mane and tail! Saves me a job anyway. When I first bought him he was very well turned out but I have not maintained such standards - he is definitely a scruff now.

Once upon a time someone used to groom me...(Rodney before I got him and allowed
him to become a grottbags)

They say good horses make good jockeys and I believe that's true. They certainly make for happy jockeys. I used to really relish the idea of a project horse but now the prospect leaves me cold. I think they are best left to the professionals, though I don't mind the odd quirk.

Riding, for me, should be safe and fun.

Happy horsing everyone x

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