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Friday, 4 October 2013

Rodney and Tia - The Reunion

Before I bought Rodney and cruelly moved him to a new yard, he had a rather gorgeous girlfriend - Tia, the golden dun highland.

On Wednesday we (myself and Emma, Tia's mum) finally arranged the reunion ride and stood back, waiting for the air to fill with hearts and stars.

Unfortunately, Rodney didn't seem to recognise his former beau and returned to his haynet after a quick glance. It could all have been a bit awkward but when we went for a hack his memory returned and he spent most of the ride doing shoulder in so he could stare at his beloved in disbelief!

It is you!

We've had some great rides this week, and I'm enjoying each and every one. Although Rodney may look a little rotund and muddy, he's no slouch in the school. We've been working on leg yielding, straightness, bending and none-zooming canters. He's very responsive and works extremely hard so I'm thrilled with the way things are.

I've got a bit more time on my hands at the moment and I'm working my way up to doing something with Cady Pickle..what that might be I haven't decided. I'll start small and see how it goes.

Nancy dog is still a happy little fart face. She is very good when we go to see the horses and usually has a nap in the car. Already it's hard to imagine life without her!

Happy horsing everyone x 

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