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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nostalgia/book hoarding

While searching for something in the depths of the wardrobe the other day I found a battered old copy of Pony magazine. It transported me back to being 12-years-old and using my paper round money to buy a subscription - it was a big deal when it arrived every month. I read that magazine from cover to cover, even the icky features on worming.

Curious, I had a flick through the copy I found and I was happy to realise it had stood the test of time. Some of the articles (in fact, pretty much all of them) were really good and practical. 
Like this one - about how to be a decent yard volunteer...

I'd love to know what it's like now - perhaps I need to buy a copy and find out? I definitely remember the magazine discouraging bratty behaviour around ponies and taking the piss out of spoiled children and I hope it hasn't stopped doing that.

My fondness for old Pony magazines also stretches to pony novels and if I pass a second hand shop I can't resist a rummage. Here are some I've found over the past few years. When the dark nights roll in they are perfect for a quiet read in the bath.

When I was about seven our family moved to Durham and the house we rented had a bookcase full of the Jill books. I read every single one, again and again. Funnily enough, the Jill books never seem to appear second hand -perhaps they are collector's items now?

Anyway, the books and the magazines were a brilliant consolation when I didn't have my own horse, and remind me how grateful I am now that I do.

I'll round off with some pics of Cady from yesterday on a bright and windy day. Peanut stalked me throughout until I gave in and offered her a neck scratch. She's very persuasive and just looms until you cave in.

Cady and Peanut rollin'

Artistic bum shot

Notice me!

Shiny punk Cady

Grazing formation

Straight lines please

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