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Monday, 19 March 2012

The horse owner's prayer

I enjoyed a trip to Beamish at the weekend and it is a really lovely place for horse lovers to go. There are actual real life horses, lots of old carriages, tack and harness from Victorian times and notices like this...

 I think the prayer from a horse is a lovely sentiment but I have to say I think we owners deserve one of our own. I started my own draft on the back of a napkin in the tea rooms..
"Trample not on my delicate cranium lest it burst and loosen my brains...treat me kindly though I make a hundred mistakes...please refrain from stamping on my foot when your breakfast is late...and when I am old and tired please do not set for home at a gallop in case I should I soil my pantaloons..."

It needs work doesn't it? On a better note I took these pics of Cady and Harvey at the weekend and I'm quite pleased with them. They imply my time at the yard is soothing, graceful, beautiful even...when in reality I am still recovering from Cady's first season of 2012. Let me tell you, it was not pretty. 

PS - If you know what they're looking at, answers on a postcard...

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