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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Moving day and dressage tests

Phew!!! What a busy few days it's been! We got Cady moved on Friday, which sounds a lot more straightforward than it was. She was not keen to load and kicked the box throughout the whole trip so I was relieved when she came down the ramp in one piece, albeit so sweated up that her arrival was in a cloud of Satanic-style steam...

I shoved a wormer down her neck and then it was house arrest for 24 hours which she was thrilled about. The more she box walked and stamped her feet the more my blood pressure rose. Cady is a total attention vampire and I'm sure she was twice as bad whenever I was there as witness.

The next day I was due to help Emma go to her first competition with her gorgeous Highland, Tia. So it was an early start to get Cady and Harvey mucked out and fed with just enough time to give Cad one of those Naf Magic calmer syringes. I hadn't tried them before but it worked a treat and I'm glad I've got a couple left in my grooming kit.

Tia, unlike Cady, travelled like a dream and was a treat all day - not a bit of bother. They rode a really lovely test and the nicest thing for me was seeing Emma grinning all the way round. 

It was a really fun, horsey day and lovely to call in on Cady and Harvey for their evening checks. Having them on the same yard is so much better and I love the layout of the place and the  people.

The next day, finally, it was time for them to go out and let out steam. Which they did in style, galloping up and down like happy lunatics while I breathed a sigh of relief at the prospect of sorting out their stables without them breathing down my neck!

In the evening I rode, and despite Cady's 'eyes on stalks' appearance, she was really good and seemed to enjoy herself. Jo Forster is coming to give us a lesson soon so it's all looking rosy. Suddenly I'm feeling a lot better about the madness of owning two horses.

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