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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dentist's chair for Harvey

The last fortnight at the yard has yielded some unforgettably beautiful mornings. 

Thick frosts and fiery sunrises have made me feel glad, for the millionth time, to have the privilege of being a horse owner.

I've also seen two owls already this week, which somehow feels like a good omen.
I've tried to capture the feel of it using my rinky dinky waterproof camera but the results don't do it justice.

Harvey is blooming. He's got a friend in the field, a black pony called Jack, and when Jack is speeding around Harvey literally seems to bounce from the sheer excitement of it all which is funny and heart-melting.

My dentist, Kev Hallett, came to see him on Monday and Harvey loved it.

Kev has dislocated his shoulder so he had another dentist with him called Toby who had a good look in his mouth.

His teeth aren't too bad but need some work which we'll carry out next month, but it seems Harvey is no seven-year-old.

Early teens according to Kev and Toby so we need to organise a few birthday celebrations to get him all caught up!

Harvey really liked Kev and Toby as they made a proper fuss of him and let him frisk them for treats.

It is a pleasure to have professionals on the yard who clearly love horses as much as the owners do. I know Kev keeps his own and he said he thought Harvey would make a lovely dressage horse with work which was lovely to hear.

They stayed and had a good chat and a cup of coffee (kindly provided by my friend Emma, who also joined us. Why does coffee taste so much nicer out of a flask?) and didn't even charge me for call out. Overall it was a very positive, horsey evening.  

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