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Friday, 16 December 2011

Frosty mornings and a horse with the munchies

Harvey's been with me for a week now and touch wood, it's been plain sailing.

He boxed over to his new home without a hitch and is proving to be very accommodating which is a nice change from Cady's standard pain-in-the-ass approach to life. 

Actually it's not just nice, it's downright unnerving! I keep waiting for him to have a tantrum at the jump filler we have to walk past on route to the field but he just plods on quietly.

It's very early days but I'm loving having a horse on DIY again. We've had a couple of beautiful moonlit frosty mornings and I really enjoy sorting his bed out and making sure he's got plenty to eat.

Speaking of which - Harvey is one hungry horse!! I've never known such a troffer and I'm delighted as I took his rug off yesterday and he's filling out beautifully. 

I've also chopped a load of his gypsy mane off so he's looking quite handsome - come spring time he'll be a whole new character.

Come the New Year and Harvey's getting a full mot as I believe he has long standing hip and back problems which need to be addressed. He also needs his teeth sorted out and after that we'll see where we're at. 

Needless to say I'm delighted to have him and the fact he's such a pleasure to look after makes the lunacy of having a second horse a lot easier to ignore!

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