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Friday, 2 December 2011

Harvey update

Harvey is coming to live with me next week so I'm really trying to get the start of a bond going before I put him in a wagon and turn his world upside down again.

This means driving down to Spennymoor every night (where he's staying at Misty Blue till I organise permanent accommodation!) and just hanging out with him while he eats his tea.

With the help of his friends Isabella, Georgina and Lydia, he's had some serious grooming and we've also popped a rug on him to keep him toasty.

God knows what he makes of all this but he's certainly taking it with good grace.

I've often thought horses are incredibly tolerant of the changes we inflict on them and Harvey is no exception.

He stood very quietly while I did a bit of massage work and even let out a big sigh at one point which I'm told is a sign of relaxation for equines.

Either that or he's already bored of being messed on with!

P.s - Cady has not been forgotten in all this - she's still very much Queen bee and I've managed to fit in a fair few rides with her this week, despite the frosty temperatures. Can't wait till her new saddle arrives!

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