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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Peter or Paul: Part II

In my last blog , I wrote about some ideas in the way we coach/work with our horses. I think its an interesting topic because as owners I think we often turn up at the yard hoping our horses will wow us, without really thinking about what we bring to the table.

It's definitely something I experience. I know I'm somewhere between Peter and Paul, but working to become more like the former. It definitely struck a chord with me a few weeks ago when I filmed my schooling session and left out something really important...praise

I find it really easy to look at what my horse is NOT doing, without appreciating what he is giving me and without considering that there may not be much in it for the him at all...long term food for thought.

Rodney is faring well at the moment. I've given up my little field vigils as it's sooo cold at the moment but he's being good to catch and seems to hang out more these days, rather than just doing a pocket inspection and diddling off, so that feels nice. Work wise we're doing a bit of everything - raised poles, little hacks, bits of jumping - just ticking over and having fun. Or anyway, I'm having fun, and I hope he is too!

P.S, blogginig very sporadic at the moment as computer, phone and camera have all gone to heaven, hopefully will be sorted soon, bear with me :)

Happy horsing everyone x

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