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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hello Cady Miss

Forgot to include most important info in last blog, namely, went to see Miss Cady Pooo last week to see how she's been...

Answer: totally fine, hurrah! She is too, too fat, but very happy and set to shed the pounds over the winter as she'll be living out. Her tail has been chewed by a naughty friend but she is clearly blissful and missing me not one speckle.

While there I got to feed the orphan calf known as Moo Moo...the temptation to kidnap him was strong, but I resisted.

And for the picture-starved..here's a rather blurry video still of Rodders beasting a line of traffic cones last week. Squeezed an early morning pre-work ride in today. It was like swimming through mud trying to wake up but I was rewarded with a lovely sunrise while I practiced Not Being a Sack of Spuds during transitions. No saddle, no one about, just me and Rodney being swotty :) Though there is def something weird going on  with left side of my body - it is WEAK and uncooperative!

Happy horsing everyone x

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