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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Grateful again

A funny thing happens whenever I choose to vent a bit of misery on this blog - it forces me to take a closer look and separate slightly unfortunate circumstances (horse that's not keen to be caught) from the whingey, helpless feelings that follow (which need not be listened to).

Driving back from work yesterday I still had my blog and its subject on my mind and I was thinking about how little I get to ride (whinge, whinge, poor me with my privileged 'problems'). I realised there was nothing to stop me at least trying to ride on the way home. Sure enough, Rodney was happy to be caught and we went for an amble around the stubble fields. 

It was nice, pony was nice, the sun shone -life was happy :) Tonight I had a good chat with my friend about the catching situation and it was good to clarify what the plan is. In case you're interested it is 1) check teeth 2) book physio 3) continue his weight loss and when he's normal get his saddle looked at. If there's no improvement I may change yards next year (in case it is herd dynamics stressing him out), but hopefully winter will work better as he'll be coming in for a bit of hay and feed anyway which never hurts diplomatic relations. 

On the way home I called in at the farm to see him and he stomped over all handsome and happy and stayed for all his stretching exercises, just like old times, which felt goooood.

So now I'm writing this blog on our big oak table with lots of nice candles and Nancy lying at my feet and feeling that when things don't go your way it's important to not just give up and be sulky because it's easy to stop riding, to stop trying, to stop blogging etc. It's easy but it's not very good for the mind so you do have to keep plugging on until that gratitude returns. I am grateful again - for many things.

Happy horsing everyone x

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