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Saturday, 30 August 2014

A little hard to know what to write...I wish I had tales of huge success, giant jumps and rosettes to pass on. But no, Rodney remains variable to catch and my heart's not in it right now.
He'll be getting his teeth checked again soon, and some physio, and I may have to think about changing yards..
He was good to catch the first 18 months I had him and improved while staying with my friend over the summer so it's possible his current home is stressing him out for some reason?
It's where he was when I bought him and he was iffy to catch then. Hard to know why but definitely the dates and the behaviour match up and I'm not riding more or asking more. So we'll get him checked over and see. I don't want to move but if I never get to ride or even spend time with him then it's a problem.
Also, having a horse that won't be caught can be dangerous. He was kicked a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't catch him to clean it and get a proper look. He was ok (thank goodness) but it's far from ideal.
No riding lessons for a couple of weeks as I'm covering holidays at work so right now, life is low on horse time. Sadness! :(
Happy horsing everyone, I hope you're having more fun than I am x

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