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Friday, 13 December 2013

Well hello now

It's been a good week... my car brakes failed, I got held up coming to work this morning and a sucky bill I thought I might be exempt from - nope, I have to pay it.

But hand on heart and irony free, it's been a good week, backing up my personal theory that mood and circumstances aren't as closely linked as you might think.

As the temperatures have fallen, my will to ride has gone on holiday for a bit. I've probably clocked up more time in the saddle this year than any other in living memory so it feels right to have a rest for a bit while I get organised for Christmas.

That said I've hacked out a couple of times on a borrowed horse (lovely 16.2hh, bay TB) and on Wednesday me and Rodney went for a swizzle around the arena. My intention was to do some gentle walk work but we ended up just generally playing about and showing off for the sheep in the field next door. We did zoomy canters and slooooow canters, rein back, leg yielding and serpentines as the light faded. 

What a good horse he is - handsome and willing and a brilliant teacher. Definitely the kind of horse who comes along but once in a lifetime. Much in the way that Nancy has made me a full convert to lurchers as family dogs, Rodney is a superb spokesman for the mighty Welshie. 

In terms of new pics - fail! Phil's camera has no memory left and the batteries have given up on mine so I must endeavour to sort this out and get some cute Christmas pics to share. Perhaps that can be the mission for this weekend.

But for anyone wanting a Nancy fix, here she is being very beautiful.

I've done nothing much with Cady either, other than keeping her warm and well fed and picking her feet out. She looks very sweet and fuzzy at the moment (as does Rodney) - I forgot how much I love the look and feel of their luxurious winter coats. 

I hope you are all enjoying the time of year and your horses - whether through riding or tucking them in at night.

Happy horsing x 

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