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Friday, 6 December 2013

Just checking in

Apols all round for being such a lazy toad lately. Blogland fun time is currently being sacrificed to my efforts to be warm and busy this winter, which means lots of riding and not much time to write about it.

I was due to take Rodney jumping at West Park a few weeks ago when they opened their new arena, but the Saturday beforehand he felt slightly off when I rode and when I lunged him on the hard flat there was a distinct head nod. I think he must have slipped in the field or I'd overdone it in our schooling/jumping/hacking...

A week off and he's fine again and we're fitting in rides wherever we can. We had some lovely canter work on Wednesday which was very cheering. I'm hoping to lure Phil down soon to get some fresh pics as I've had nothing new to use for ages and he feels like he's working well (Rodney, not Phil, though Phil works very hard too lol!) and we've glued together more (Still talking about Rodney). 

Cady trotted across the field in a straight-ish line the other day and looked sound so I lunged her and touch wood she seems ok on that left circle now so I want to get her back in work. I think the abscess she had in that near left must have left her quite bruised/irritated and has taken a lot of time to feel better.

The prospect of getting her back in work is both good and bad. We have too much history but like a sucker I'm also excited to see how high I can get my hopes before she crushes them into the arena sand ;)

With all this lameness several friends have stepped in and let me ride their horses over the past month. For which I am very, very grateful. Riding my own is great but variety keeps your brain hula-hooping.

Happy horsing everyone x 

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