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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn days

It's a blowy day in County Durham today, with a strong nip of cold. Not cold enough for my new balaclava yet though, as I found when I took Nancy for her morning constitutional and ended up with a very sweaty head.

No harm done though and we saw two rainbows as the weather frigged about, showing off left, right and centre.

The leaves are starting to change, I'm about to run out of dongle data and I'm waiting for my bread to rise so now seems like a good time to get a post done.

I've had some more good rides on Rodney lately, and I think I can feel some improvement in my position while in canter. I'm trying to find that thin line between staying relaxed enough to follow the movement but still using my core muscles to prevent flopping about. Every now and again we get a few strides that feel good. I must try and get someone to film me so I can see how we're doing from ground level. I might be feeling that we're getting there when really we look like a jelly on a rollercoaster...

He's a bit nervous in the arena when it's really windy because we have lots of crackling, snappy-sounding branches but he's doing well to contain himself. I usually start by letting him trot some slow laps of the arena on a long rein so he can relax but also expel any nervous energy. After a canter or two he's down to business and continues to be responsive and great fun to ride. I used to often find schooling unsatisfactory and a bit aimless but Rodney has made it a pleasure and perhaps I have a more independent brain now which helps me decide what to work on as the session progresses.

I bought Cady in yesterday just to give her a brush and put her vest on to stop shoulder rubs. She's slightly better on that left circle trot but not completely so it's the winter off for her. That aside she is happy and well and moves comfortably around the field so I've got no reservations about leaving her to it.

This year I'm not minding the thought of winter so much. Their rugs are ready, I know they can manage very well as last year was a bad one and they both thrived. I've got my balaclava, gloves and torch, yes, I feel OK about it. And I hope you do too.

Happy horsing everyone x

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