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Monday, 18 February 2013


Cady is in danger of being retired, the problem is, she's only rising eight.
She hasn't done anything wrong, I'm just really enjoying Rodney and I've kind of lost the will to battle with her when I can just have a lovely hack or a really nice schooling session on Roddders.

My boyfriend thinks she'll go mad without something to do which is a fair point. It's something I need to weigh up carefully. On the plus side I'm really lucky to have a choice and it's a great problem to have.

I think if I could get her to enjoy her job rather than being terrified all the time it would make all the difference for both of us.
Suggestions welcome - anyone ever found a way to make a super alert horse relax and enjoy a hack about? Answers on a postcard to alison.goulding@yahoo.com

I suspect the answer, as always, will turn up close to home. I'm sure if I had some lessons and perservered it would improve, as it has in the past. Ok, different question then: Anyone ever found a way to get a horse owner to enjoy her super alert horse? You know the email address!

Happy riding everyone x

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