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Friday, 8 February 2013

Getting started

My first attempts at getting the horses started for 2013 have begun! They think this is ridiculous and have told me they are quite happy just playing with their friends in the field, stuffing their faces into the round bale and hoovering up coarse mix and carrots.

For Rodney this is straight-forward. We went hacking in a mini gale last week and he seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. We've also done a bit of lunging. Over the winter I've been handling his ears, head and mane a lot as he's a bit head shy and I think there's some progress here. My aim for this year for Rodney is to do lots of hacking about, have  a few lessons and have lots of fun. I bought him to enjoy him and I'm really excited to get to know him in the saddle.

For Cady, getting started means back to basics: Lots of groundwork, including long lining, and some big walks around the farm so she can have a fit at the spooky bits and learn to get over it before I have to get on!  She's had a few emotional meltdowns when the task in hand feels too difficult for her but they've abated quite quickly. My priority for her is to get her thinking instead of running off adrenalin so my aim each time is to finish the session when she's relaxed and calm. We'll see how that works in reality!

They've held their weight well over the winter which I'm really pleased about and I've been much happier with them on grass livery. This time last year I was thin and tired from all the poo shovelling but now I'm ready to go.

I hope you're all having fun with your horses too :) 

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