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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The month of madness

Cady rounded off her spectacular spell of misfortune on Saturday by jumping out of her field in search of friends, snapping the top wire on the fence and slicing the bulb of her heel open.

She's now living with the quiet mares and looks both knackered and relieved. 

I've patched her up wound powder, a bandage, Vetrap and masking tape and now she's wandering around with a giant alien foot. 

It's been a testing few weeks [and actually a year filled with good, bad and plain disaster] as far as the horses are concerned, so I'm ready for a bit of happy fortune.

The positive is that me and Cady are getting on well. I'm trying, once again, to rush less and be kinder and it does genuinely seem to make for a better bond.

While riding is off the menu I'm keeping myself good by catching up with horsey brilliance on the internet. This loading video by Emma Massingale is gorgeous - funny and beautiful.

And don't tell the bf but I've already started some hypothetical Christmas shopping. These winter woollies Scarves might make nice stocking fillers for someone....I can't think who?! Hint, hint...

Feel free to join me in drawing up wishlists  Houghton  Country

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