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Thursday, 4 October 2012


I literally cannot handle the drama any more - Cady is determined to turn my hair grey. 

We were absolutely knackered after work yesterday so decided to abandon riding and just walk down to check on her and give her a feed.

She was lying down fast asleep and even waggling a feed bucket at her didn't prompt much enthusiasm.

She ate her tea lying down while I joyfully assumed her new magnesium supplement must be chilling her right out.

Cady: 'Mum, I am literally, on death's door. Love me.'

Eventually we did decide to make her get up at which point we realised one of her back legs was a big fat pudding that she wouldn't put her weight on. 

"Oh right let's walk her up and get the vet," I said, while inside my thoughts were "Sh*t, Sh^t, Sh*t!!!!!!!!!"

We waited for the vet till it was pitch black and then decided we may as well wait till the morning since she had managed to eat a haynet and showed no signs of dying.

Which was a mistake because I spent the whole night thinking about burst tendons and snapped ligaments.

Turns out she has an infection, caused by her kick wounds from the last fortnight.

So for Christmas she has antibiotics. I'm hoping her gift to me will be some peace and quiet.

* From this I have learned that it is always wise to make your horse get up, even if they just look like they're having a snooze.

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