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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Escaped pony...

My morning drive to work is not normally a memorable event, but today was a little different.

I was driving up the A167 towards Chester-le-Street when I saw a chestnut pony grazing at the side of the road. At first I thought he might be tethered there as there's been a lot of that around here lately, but no, he had escaped for a wander.

Since horses and rush hour traffic go together like children and chainsaws, I doubled back and went to go and find him.

By the time I'd got back down the dual carriageway he'd headed back up the country lane Thank God, so I dismantled Cady's bridle and headed after him.

He wasn't wild about being caught but we got there in the end and I walked him up towards the RSPCA animal centre at Felledge where the kindly staff took over.

The pony was about 12hh to 13hh, chestnut, unshod, with a spiky mane and a Roman-ish nose. I've referred to him as 'he' but it may have been a girly, it was all a bit of a blur.

If you think you know this pony or its owners please give the RSPCA centre at Felledge a call. The pony was in decent condition so someone must be missing him/her.

* On another note - I will be putting a spare headcollar and leadrope in my car for any future events like this! Just in case...

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