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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A fresh start

A few weeks ago you might remember my friend Emma came over and forced me to go on a hack with her before I disappeared for good into Harvey-related gloom.

It was just the ticket and while we drank our coffee afterwards she suggested I might want to think about moving yards.

There's nothing more depressing than walking past the empty box where your horse used to live, and I felt she had a point.

Fast-forward to Sunday and me, Cady and the boyf were up at sparrow fart to take her to her new home - a lovely yard with nice hacking, facilities and where she can live out all year round.

We settled her in and I returned in the afternoon to find a happy horsey. In fact, she looked so not-mad I decided I had enough of a death wish to try and ride.
Off we went, all on our own, careering about spooking gently at gates, water troughs, twigs and other horses. It was fabulous. 

A fresh start, a clean slate, a new day: sometimes that's what we need to feel better and move on with our lives. I can't bring Harvey back but I can give Cady the best life possible.

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