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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cady visit, lambing and Rodney riding with no saddle

Well I couldn't stay away for too long before a visit to Cady in her new home became too tempting. Gail, her new owner, lives up north on a farm and invited me up for the afternoon to see the lambs being born and visit Cadillac. 

I was itching to finish work and get up there because the sun was blazing and I felt like me and Nancy really needed a girls' road trip. So we blasted up there at warp speed and soon Nancy was running laps around the kitchen with Gail's new lurcher pup.

Then we wandered down to see Cady, who had thoughtfully travelled up to the gate with her new herd. Once I'd stuffed her with carrots and ascertained that she is thriving, it was time to visit the lambing shed.

Here, I sharp got to grips with all the different varieties of slime that hang out of sheep before, during and after they give birth. Honestly, it was totally gross. But also bloody amazing, especially watching Gail's partner wrestle a giant momma sheep to the ground and dragging a one stone lamb out of it. 

Watching the lambs take their first breath, and then their first steps a few minutes later was extraordinary, and I'll be going back next week to see some more slimy miracles.

Rodney news is pretty cool too. I'm still waiting to get his shoe back on so we've had a really nice week of just hanging out with each other. Today I led him up to the arena and just turned him loose so he could have a roll without his rug and a mooch about. Then I groomed him and did his feet but without having him tied up, to practice us working together willingly and with mutual co-operation.

The sun was shining and it all went really well so I decided to see how he might feel about being ridden without his saddle. I've been itching to try it for a while but he can be quite sensitive and I wasn't sure if he'd wig out. So I just lay over him for a while till he seemed quite happy with that and then I got on and we went for a little walk about. It was really nice - really nice.

Happy horsing everyone x

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