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Friday, 8 November 2013

Your Horse Live 2013 - here we come!

In a just a teeny weeny few hours me and the horsey crew will be driving down to Your Horse Live 2013 stuffing our faces with crisps and anticipating this year's delights.


We have our wristbands (guaranteed seats in main arena) and are all over Facebook like a rash trying to pass the time till departure.

This year I'm looking forward to seeing Kelly Marks, Geoff Billington and Jason Webb. Sylvia Loch isn't going this year (boooooooo!) but we will have to try and manage as best we can.

Meanwhile, my own horses are shivering with dread in the field, waiting for me to arrive back on Monday all INSPIRED! This is never good as far as they are concerned, and they tend to become very difficult to catch all of a sudden.

"Ignore rider, look beautiful"
Usually I am so swotty I take a notebook to scribble notes in but this year I'm just going to relax a bit more and soak it all in. Things are going very well with Rodders and Cady is looking better (she types while touching wood and clutching a rabbit's foot) so I'm more content than previous years.

So pretty, so useless (KIDDING!)

A week after we get back Rodney and I are heading up to West Park to hire the school with Emma and Tia. The plan is to make full use of their scary fillers and beautiful showjumps though Rodney is slightly obese right now so we'll have to put some miles in beforehand.

Happy horsing everyone x 

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