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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Back to school

Despite funds being tight (nothing new there!) I've decided it's high time I invested in some lessons.
On Saturday Rodney and I will be under the tutellage of Sam Brown, from Leamside Equestrian. My friend had a lesson with her and really enjoyed it so I am very excited and hopefully my horsey pals are coming to watch and heckle a bit - it's nice to have support!

I had hoped to do some swotting in the saddle this week but due to the Arctic conditions I've spent more time reading up than riding - mainly about the classical seat.

I don't know what my seat is but it's much more 'novelty' than 'classic'.

But everyone has to start somewhere, don't they? 

I liked this from Roger and Eleanor Taylor's website.

"If your horse is comfortable and can move with freedom and ease and you, the rider, is comfortable and can move with freedom and ease, then you have cracked the problem. You are in the correct position."

To read more, click the link

Classical dressage

I also found this from our undisputed dressage queen, Sylvia Loch.

“For me there is only one way to achieve perfect balance...,” says Sylvia, ...”and that is to find the centre! You would be amazed how few people ever do this in their riding. Most dressage riders today are behind the movement.”

I hope I can find the centre, and I hope if I do, that I am able to stay there.

I shall keep you posted in my self improvement endevours.

Hope you're all keeping warm and safe in this weather! Brrr! Happy horsing x

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