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Monday, 5 November 2012

Meet Rodney

New boy Rodney arrived a week ago. He's an eight-year-old chestnut Welshy who I bought from my friend.

As far as buying horses goes, it was stress free. I'd ridden him before and was made fully aware of his 'funnyisms', which are thankfully very minor.

He's settled in really well and we've already been for a few rides here and there - he is very dreamy - sweet and smart, and I have an extremely soft spot for him already.

Cady is neither sold nor forgotten, but recovering from an injury to her heel. She'll probably have a quiet winter and we'll hopefully bounce back into training in the spring.

I find myself not minding the dark nights too much this year. The frosts have been beautiful and it's not so bad if you're wrapped up warm and have a decent torch.

Next week I'll be at Your Horse Live and the week after I'll be seeing the Spanish Riding School. Both trips were planned months ago, I can't believe how quickly they've come round.

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