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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Harvey hospital

The rain has bought Harvey horse a present - a gravel foot.
He's been out of sorts the last couple of days so I knew something was brewing and today he had a big fat leg, a hot hoof and a sad face.

Fortunately, a gravel foot is my Mastermind subject. My first horse got them like clockwork every time we had a rainy spell, which softens their feet and makes them more vulnerable to grit getting in and causing an abscess. 

Harvey was an angel while I tubbed his foot and stuck a poultice on - they know when you're trying to help.

I left him knee deep in straw with two big haynets to munch on and a hoof swathed in vetrap and a plastic bag to heat it up and get the puss moving in the right direction. Sexy stuff :) 

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