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Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Having my daft Facebook comments appearing in Your Horse always gives me a warm feeling!
My thanks to Kim Hardy who spotted this one. 

I really like being friends with Your Horse on Facey because they ask nice questions and get good debates going - they're in touch with their readers.

In other horsey news - Cady and I went on a big grown up hack yesterday and she was marvellous. Being brave doesn't come easily to her but she tried very hard. My friend Mark came along and bless him, went and stood next to all the scary things she didn't want to go past so she could see it was safe. This saved me having to get off every five minutes which is good for my decrepit bones! 

I was reluctant to start hacking her out until I read a really nice post on Kelly Mark's Facebook page about handling spooky horses. She recommended lots of patience, not being afraid to get off and lead past scary bits and touching anything that's upsetting your horse while they stand and have a look and their adrenalin levels come down. This is another example of how useful the internet can be when you're a horse owner - keep your eyes open and there's some good advice out there. And, unlike everything else horsey, it's free!

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